E and R – Creating the Ultimate Fan


If you want to turn customers into super-fans, it’s important to keep them engaged with your brand for the long-term. It’s the difference between “that place I bought tires at once” and “my tire guy.”

You know which one is sending you new customers.

Engagement is easy for, say, a coffee shop. People drink coffee every day! But how do you stay engaged with customers if you sell something they might need every five years or so – cars, appliances, updated life insurance?

One idea is to make yourself a useful resource between purchases. Maybe a customer only buys a new refrigerator every several years, but do they know how to maintain it in the interim? It is simple to set up a blog for client education. It’s even simpler to run semi-regular PSAs on the radio.

“Hey, rainy weather is around the corner. Make sure you replace your wiper blades and check your tires!”

Another way to stay connected is to support issues that are important to your customer base. Sponsor a toy drive or cleanup day at a local park. Support a teacher-of-the-month program or underwrite a MADD campaign.

On or off-air, stay out in the open where you can keep rubbing shoulders with past – and future – customers.


Now, we aren’t here to tell you that in one month you can transform your business by applying these techniques.

What we are here to tell you: if you want super-fans who rave about your business to friends and relatives and even complete strangers, the DEEPER purchase cycle holds the clues to achieve that.

If your goal is to create super-fans, it’s crucial to keep a multi-pronged approach going year-round.

You want to be the first thing that comes to mind when someone needs what you have to offer. You want to give people that final nudge that gets them to actually make a purchase. You want information about what you offer to be easy to find and easy to understand, and you want to become part of the world your customers live and move in.

Brand loyalty is a real thing. Stop scrapping for new customers every month and instead let your old customers bring new ones to your door – just a little planning and purposeful execution will take you a long way.

This has been the final installment in our DEEPER Marketing series. Read the rest:

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