Exploration: Hunters & Gatherers

Neon sign on a brick wall: "This is the sign you've been looking for."

Your Customers are Searching for a Solution

Once someone realizes they have a need or desire, they go about trying to fill it. This exploration phase of the purchase cycle includes researching features, price and other options. A potential customer in the exploration phase needs information – easy to find and parse, relevant, memorable information.

Create An Information Freeway

What are the important bits of information that sway customers in your direction? Perhaps you offer more variety than the competition. You might be known for making free deliveries or for the #1 pizza in town.

The information to focus on isn’t necessarily what makes you the best in the industry. Loading down your advertising with jargon and technical specs will just cause eyes to glaze over.

What consumers on the fence are looking for is what makes you different from the competition. What sets you apart from Joe down the street? That is what you need to offer to a customer in the throes of exploration.

The Golden Rule of Marketing: Keep it Simple

In order to make this information easy to grasp and retain, it’s important to stay focused on one piece of information per campaign. Jamming as many facts into a radio or visual advertisement as you can only accomplishes clutter – and we all have enough mental clutter as it is.

If you own a coffee shop, create a campaign around how people love the taste of your coffee so much they don’t use cream or sugar anymore. If you sell window dressings, talk about your free installation with any purchase. Run a party supply store? Focus on your extensive pinata collection, or the face painting service you offer.

Bring in the Multi-Media Marketing

Because different people process information differently, a campaign like this benefits from a mixed-media approach. Combining audio (radio) and visual (digital) information helps you reach a wider variety of potential customers than a single-pronged campaign.

This is part 3 in our Deeper Marketing series. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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