The Golden Rule of Change

Consistency: The Golden Rule of Change

We’ve spent this whole month talking about how important it is to bring fresh ideas into your marketing, and giving some ideas of how you can get started.

So now it’s time for the caveat:

Never sacrifice consistency for something new and shiny.

Consistency is the golden rule of successful marketing. The only way to build brand recognition is consistency. The best way to keep customers coming back is consistency.

So while you’re switching it up, remember: stay consistent.

Stay consistent in your business model and principles.

Stay consistent with your brand’s existing voice, mission and purpose.

Stay consistent – run a new campaign idea for several weeks to months for best results.

Stay consistent on almost  everything, and just switch up one or two things at a time.

Tell a new story with your existing cast of characters.

Use your current logo and tagline in ads that reflect a modern aesthetic.

Update your jingle – but keep it similar enough that it is instantly recognizable.

New and shiny is good. Consistency is key. Combine the two carefully for best results.

This has been a fun series. We would love to hear from you: what would you add? What questions do you need answered? Which answers would you like to see questioned?

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