Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Next Marketing Campaign

As humans we tend to be resistant to change. The old adage says that “if it ain’t broke” we shouldn’t try to fix it. Far too often, we apply this advice to relationships, situations and systems that are only a little bit broken – and a little bit more, and a little bit more.

This month we’d like to offer a few ways to jump-start your thinking cap when it comes to refreshing your marketing campaigns and creatives. Sometimes change is good!


Using a bright pop of color is a great way to get attention when you are working with visual ads. 

Just make sure that the color isn’t overwhelming, and that it doesn’t clash with your logo.

Pop culture

There’s no harm in a well-done cultural reference now and then. Whether you riff off of an event like the Super Bowl, give a shout-out to a recent celebrity moment or jump on a meme or trend, there are a few cardinal rules:

  • Do make it your own
  • Do avoid controversial topics
  • Do remain tasteful


Unlike a current pop culture reference, a throwback reference targets an older – and often more lucrative – audience.

How to pick a throwback era? If you want to reach adults between 30 and 40, the ‘90s are an excellent decade – that’s when they were teenagers. Pull in slang or pop music from those years to create an instant emotional connection.

Rinse and repeat for any generation or desired effect.


Humans love stories. We respond to stories. So tell a story!

Create your own characters, tie into a historical moment, hint at a popular fictional world, or tell a series of real-life stories from customers, employees, or others.

User Generated Content

User Generated content is what Gerber uses when they look for the new Gerber baby.

This sort of campaign is incredible because it is actually two campaigns in one – first, you engage your audience in providing images, stories, etc. around a theme, and then you have content to use in your future marketing efforts.

Be sure to make the terms clear when users are submitting content. Who owns the content? Where will you tell the stories? What control does the user retain?

It’s Your Call

Hopefully these ideas got some thoughts rolling around for your next marketing campaign. Want more? Reach out to us here to see how we can help take your advertising to new levels!

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