How Can Radio Build Your Brand?

What sets you apart from your competitors?
The distinctive features that make your customers choose you – over all of the other widget makers
available – comprise what we typically refer to as your brand.
Brand is the difference between Windows and Mac. It is the only difference between fast food chains A,
B and C. Brand is why your brother-in-law always drives a Ford.
And your brand is what drives loyal customers to your business.
Every advertising medium has its own strengths and uses, and one of radio’s strengths is brand building
– creating a distinct and recognizable space in your industry reserved just for you. We are able to do this
using radio’s unique features – the human voice, consistent repetition and proximity to the point of sale.
In the days before caller ID, often the first hint of who was on the other end of a phone line was their
voice. The human voice is like a fingerprint and we can often identify our loved ones by the sound of
their voice long before we set eyes on them.
Radio allows advertisers to use this to good advantage. When your advertisement is heard in proximity
to – or, even better, in the familiar voice of – your potential customer’s favorite radio personality, it is as
if their good friend had recommended you personally.
That is a powerful point in your brand’s favor.
Another part of brand is simply awareness and recognition. It is often said that the average person must
be exposed to a message seven times before they reach a decision point. As a medium that is consumed
usually every day, and often all day, radio is an effective way to increase the frequency with which
potential customers come in contact with your brand.
You can be in your customer’s car, in their grocery store, at their place of work or their place of lunch.
Accompany them on the morning coffee run, the afternoon kid-shuttling, the evening commute. Seven
messages, delivered!
Finally, radio is incredibly effective at brand building because of the way the human brain processes
sound versus other senses. We use a different part of the brain to decode and store audio information.
This gives radio advertisers an instant way to stand out from their print-advertising competitors.
No business is so successful that it does not need to build its brand. Radio is an effective part of a
complete marketing plan – contact us to learn more today!

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