How to Stay on Track

Staying on Track

It’s three weeks into the new year, and the shine is starting to wear off. Your 2019 goals may feel further away than when you started, and the novelty of your resolutions is drooping a bit.

Time to regroup! Keep reading for some ideas to get you through the mid-winter doldrums. 

1. Write it down

What have you done this year to work towards your goals? Jot down any actions you’ve taken or decisions you’ve made.

2. Mull it over

Consider the impact of what you’ve done so far. Are you seeing any effect from your actions? Are your decisions ones you can follow through on? Was there anything you planned to do that has turned out to be impractical?

As you ask these questions, take note of any patterns or epiphanies that emerge.

3. Lay it out

Now look at your original list.

  • Mark those items that are working for you with a star; how can you continue and capitalize on them?
  • Put an X beside the items that haven’t panned out. Can you adjust your approach, or should you drop them and move on to new ideas?
  • Finally, have you gotten any new ideas from this process? Add them to the end of the list!

Step back and take a look at the big picture – where you came from, where you want to end up, and where you are along the path.


Take a deep, deep breath and dive back in.

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