ASMG staff members share their best gift-giving and wrapping tips. What are yours? Share in the comments!

Odds and Ends
For oddly shaped gifts, use bags or boxes. The Dollar Store can be a treasure trove of customizable options!
Out of the Box
For large items, Karma says Dollar Store bicycle bags are the way to go. They are thin, so you might want to use two!
Present Overload?
Victoria's family gives 4 gifts: something you want, something you need, something for the house and something to read.
Keep it Simple
"Use the same paper for everything – white or tan craft paper is inexpensive and then you can have fun with ribbons, tags, etc."
- Victoria
Let the Kids Help!
Christmas is all about the children, after all.

"Gift wrapping secret…put things in plain boxes, tape them closed and let your kids wrap their own presents!"
- Karma
Christmas Eve
"My family has a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve...the one present has been marked by Santa: “Open me Christmas Eve.” The contents are ALWAYS new jammies!"
- Karma
Mystery Gifts
You know that relative who always guesses what their gift is before Christmas morning? Try adding some ballast to throw them off. Or toss in a container of dry rice for a confusing rattle!

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