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Meet the CHP Traffic Reporters

You’ve heard them on the air and you may have seen them on the highway…now you get to meet them! Our local CHP Officers that help us with traffic reports in the morning and afternoons are pretty cool guys. Here’s the scoop on Officers Keeton and deRutte!


Officer Anthony Keeton has been with the CHP for five years. He served in the US Army prior to that as a Military Police Officer. Anthony enjoys helping people and serving our community. His vision is for everyone to have a safe environment to live in, while he can be the one to worry about what goes bump in the night. Anthony was born and raised in Sonoma County and attended Montgomery High School. He enjoys spending time with family and has a passion for mountain biking. “I could talk about mountain biking all day!”

Many do not know that Anthony can sing! He was a member of the choir in high school as a bass then tenor. Although he does not sing publicly any longer, his voice talent has been put to good use as one of our traffic reporters.

His favorite super hero is Batman because he does not have any super power, unless you count being super rich! Batman’s passion for justice speaks to Anthony and his desire to help people. Anthony considers himself to be loyal, reliable, charitable and a bit restless.

If Anthony could have any car it would be a 1972 Chevy Stepside. “When I was 14, I had the chance to buy a green 1972 Chevy Stepside from my neighbor. Instead I bought a used laptop. It was one of my dumbest decisions of all time. I still can picture it to this day. 

When it comes to some very important questions, Anthony answered this way:?

Question: Pizza or Pasta?  ?

Answer: “Pasta. I get weird looks when I eat pizza because I can’t eat cheese so I’m essentially eating bread with marinara sauce.”   

Question: Chocolate or Vanilla? ?

Answer: “Swirl. I get the best of both worlds!”  ….“Did I mention I love mountain biking?” 

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