Advertising in Sonoma County

Introducing Your Sonoma County Marketing Consultants

A Note from Kevin Wodlinger, VP of Business Development

Running a business in today’s world is more exciting – and challenging – than ever before. Often, practices that have worked for decades suddenly flounder while new ideas pull ahead. The rules for Sonoma County marketing are being rewritten as we watch. 

Local newspaper paid subscriptions continue to decline. Only 17% of Sonoma County households now receive the local daily paper. Viewership of TV and Cable TV continues to head lower as all age groups are cutting the cord. Radio has the largest reach of any traditional medium; local radio reaches over 90% of Sonoma County adults every week. 

And then there is all the “new media.” What is a business owner to do? Who will look you in the eye, make the commitment to help you grow your business, and be there by your side all the way? At Amaturo Sonoma Media group, our answer is, “We will.” And we do, as our customers who have been with us for years will be happy to tell you.

Recruitment is another area in which our company excels. Over the past five years, we have helped more than 200 local businesses hire. We help companies reach both active and passive job seekers, and make the process more efficient by getting your open position in front of the right candidates for the job.

Your Sonoma County Marketing Consultants

I am so fortunate to work with a team of several dozen people who put customers first and who make our community a top priority with everyday action. Amaturo Sonoma Media Group helps businesses grow using the full range of today’s media. This includes radio, digital, events, magazine, streaming for mobile devices and more. Our goals for you are determined by your needs. No other local media company can give you more affordable reach, frequency, and consistency. We combine these media assets with a compelling, creative message to help build your brand so that you are known before you are needed. We offer your business the latent power of Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth, of course, can be positive or painfully negative. Amaturo Sonoma Media Group guarantees you positive Word of Mouth, Multiplied. You control the message, and we connect you with the people who need your products and services today, tomorrow and beyond.

Does your current advertising plan offer you transparency? Do you understand what you are buying? If not, start asking questions. Our group is the leader in client education and empowerment and we are always happy to explain the what, why and how of your advertising strategy. Call your ASMG Account Manager. Or call or email 707-543-0117 or