7 Reasons to Support Local Restaurants


Next week is the 13th annual Sonoma County Restaurant Week. We all know how important it is to support local businesses and especially restaurants. Here are seven of the top reasons you should take time next week to celebrate Sonoma County Restaurant Week and enjoy the local food scene. 1. Local Restaurants Maximize Your Experience …

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How has the COVID Crisis Changed Consumer Behavior?


How has the COVID Crisis Changed Consumer Behavior? As part of the local business community, we know what it’s been like the last several months. Sometimes it feels like the hits just keep coming – shut-downs, new regulations, a wildly fluctuating job market. How is a business supposed to plan and move forward in a …

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Show, Don’t Tell


How to Demonstrate Gratitude to your Customers One of my English professors used to say, “Don’t tell me, show me!” Whether you are writing a novel or a persuasive essay or the closing arguments for a court case, it’s good advice. It is also excellent advice for running a business. This is the time of …

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Riding the Waves


How to Make the Most of Summer for Your Business Ah, summer – who doesn’t love it? Lazy days, long evenings, family vacations and trips to the beach make summer a favorite season for many. And if you own a business, especially in Sonoma County, it should be your favorite season as well. If it’s …

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The Experience Economy: Immersive Engagement


I took two years of Spanish in high school. Much to my chagrin, this has not translated into my adult self speaking any measurable level of Spanish. My children, who attend a school with bilingual classmates, understand and speak the language better than I, despite never having formally studied it. The most effective way to …

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